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Center Hole Grinding Machine Series

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Center Hole Grinding Machine  CHG series

Center Hole Grinding Machine Series

~Support for high accuracy cylindrical grinding Job~

センタ穴 超精密研削 円筒研削 内面研削

Center Hole Grinding Machine


※Photo shown with optional accessories.

SERIES line-up



In order to support more high accurate cylindrical grinding job to impove center hole circularity.


・The center hole needs the perfect circle on center and center hole for grinding job. If center hole is not perfect circularity, cylindrical workpiece center will always move when rotating, therefore it is impossible to grind accurately.

・Spindle invertor (max 40,000rpm) is standard.

・Wheel form angle 0-180 has been widely expanded from previos model.

・Grinding spindle has high speed planatary axis movement for grinding a workpiece in stationary condition so it is not necessary to make datum face on O.D. to hold.

センタ穴研削盤 円筒研削 内面研削 超精密研削

Test piece measurement value

センタ穴 研削 平面研削 超精密研削

CHG Front


CHG series

※Center hole grinding machine CHG series is manufactured by Giken Co., Ltd.

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