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― Ultimate planarization ―

Abrasive processing, while a technique that from ancient times that have been applied to the three sacred treasures that are used in our country of the throne, it is a growth industry of 21 century (the next-generation information and communication technology), digital support the consumer electronics and semiconductor industry plays an important role as one of the backbone of the processing technology.

In this area should also referred to as an ultra grinding processing, is required by taking advantage for each features of fixed abrasive processing and non-fixed abrasive processing.Against this requirement based on over 50 years history of Surface grinder technology and have semiconductor wafer processing in polish technology. Introduce for total abrasive machine manufacturer OKAMOTO products and details end product.

Please search by product of Okamoto from the machine model name and the workpiece.


How to recognize Machine Size

研削盤名称の見方 平面研削盤
研削盤名称の見方 ロータリー平面研削盤
研削盤名称の見方 円筒研削盤
研削盤名称の見方 内面研削盤

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