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Abrasive processing is an important role as one of the backbone processing technology to support the IT , digital consumer electronics, automotive and semiconductor industry.


Flash memory and SD Card, have been recently equipped with a number of IC in automobile.

Polishing machine machine for Wafer material manufacturers and Grinder for device manufacturers keep a higher market share.

シリコンウエハ 研磨 ポリッシュ 半導体

歯車研削盤 ギヤ研削 岡本工機

Automotive transmission gear reduces the gear noise by precision grinding, to increase the quietness, it will also contribute to improved fuel efficiency. Our Gear grinding machine has been used in this field.

Also Okamoto Koki Co., Ltd. manufacture and sale of the gear.

UPZ 研削反り 微細研削 岡本工作機械

Mobile phones from the need to process a large amount of information by simultaneous and thinner and lighter, it is increasingly low profile and a narrow pitch of the connector to be used.

Form grinding machine will be able to finish without deflected a slight 0.05 mm fine carbide punches.


There are many Grinding and Polish process to making mother glass for LCD TV panel, coating nozzle and photo-mask.

By finishing such large parts in high level of flatness can to obtain a wide viewing angle.

Okamoto can provide a large grinding and polishing equipment is the only one in the world.

岡本工作機械 テレビ研削 研削盤 ポリッシング

航空機研削 クリスマスツリー研削 岡本工作機械製作所

Turbine blades to minimize thermal expansion occurring by higher temperatures, becoming engagement shape called Christmas tree from its shape, and made out with grinding.  

It boasts one of the world's leading share in the blade processing machine including the Christmas tree.

ロータリー研削盤 円筒研削盤 岡本工作機械製作所

Automobile, machinery and Airplane are using bearing as functional components into rotation unit.

Our internal grindercylindrical grinderrotary surface grinder is also active in this field.