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Japan's first surface grinding machine PSG-6 type

Founder Okamoto Kakusaburo statue

Head office Annaka Factory

AD (era)

Company and products History

1926Okamoto Kakusaburo is founded Okamoto dedicated machine tools Manufacturing


Develop Japan's first gear grinding machine ASG-2 type
1935Organization and Co., Ltd. changed its name Okamoto Machine Tool Works
1953Develop Japan's first surface grinding machine PSG-6 type
1954Develop internal grinding machine IGM series
1955Develop Japan's first of the outer blade slicing machine PSG3Ge type
1963Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section of listing
1968Develop the first CNC surface and form grinder NFG-5 type world
1969Develop a cylindrical grinder OGM series
1972Established a subsidiary Okamoto Corporation as a sales company in the United States
1973Established machine tools manufacturing place in Singapore

Established Okamoto (Singapore)Pte,Ltd. in Singapore

Developed Rotary surface grinder RPG series

1982Annaka plant completed in Gunma Prefecture Annaka
1986Established Okamoto(Thai)Co.,Ltd. to Thailand

Develop Best seller Form grinder PFG500 series
1987Developed conventional surface grinding machine PSG-DX series
1992Established Okamoto Machine Tool GmbH in Germany

Okamoto(Singapore)Pte,Ltd. is ISO9002 acquisition

1995Opened Singapore Branch office for sales and services in Singapore
1997Technical Award for Full Automatic Vertical Grinder from JMT 

Technical Award for Full Automatic CMP Machine from JSAT

Conventional surface grinding machine PSG-DX series production number 5,000 breakthrough
2002Established representative office in Shanghai , China
2005Annaka test and inspection for clean room completion for semiconductor equipment tool

Annaka processing and assembly booth completion of the constant temperature environment

Okamoto(Thai)CO.,Ltd. is New assembly plant completed.
2006Spindle Room completed in Annaka factory

Okamoto(Thai)CO.,Ltd. is New foundry completed.


Okamoto(Thai)CO.,Ltd. Sheet metal and painting factory completed

The world's largest ultra-precision Double Column type hydrostatic Slideway surface grinder UDG10035NC is completed


Developed the iQ software machines

Developed a CNC double column type precision surface grinding machine PSG-CHLi series


Developed ultra-precision form grinder UPZ210LiⅡ


Headquarter register at Annaka Factory


Developped CNC Universal Grinding Machine  UGM360NC

Introduce by JIMTOF 2014


It held a 80th anniversary OPENHOUSE2015