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Machine Tool Division

Grinding is always last process and its accuracy related the quality for final product.  

Always we have been challenged to develop products in the van, over 60,000 unit machine running worldwide.  

Over 60,000 unit of grinding machine running in worldwide.

Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Conventional type Precision Surface Grinding Machine series

CNC Precision Surface Grinding Macvhine Series

Double Colum Type Surface Grinding Machine Series

Rotary Grinding Machine Series

Precision Form Grinding Machine

Precision Form Grinding Machine Series

Ultra Precision Form Grinding Machine Series

Cylindiracal・Internal・Center Hole Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Series

Internal Grinding Machine Series

Universal Grinding Machine Series

Center Hole Grinding Machine Series

Specialized Grinding Machine

Gear Grinding Machine Series

Specialized Grinding Machines

Consumer & Special designed device

Semiconductor Equipment Device

"Shine" technology that our company has cultivated over many years supports the state-of-the-art industries such as power devices for automobiles, mother glass for flat panel, information equipment and so on, and is also involved in our living fields.

Semiconductor Equipment Device

Wafer Back Grinding Machine Series

Polishing Machine Series

Lapping Machine Series

Slicing Machine Series

Ingot Grinding Machine Series