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Environmental Activities

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  • For global environmental protection, promote better technologies and products to supply products.

  • Considering Technical and Economical circumstances make an effort toward prevention of environmental pollution and reduce influence to the environment with the business activity.

  • In the course of their business activities, energy, will strive to reduce the environmental impacts by the reduction of such waste.

  • Established environmental policy, environmental objectives and targets, we strive to achieve this, by making the regular review, and promote continuous improvement.

  • Laws and regulations on the environment, and will comply with other requirements to which we agree.

  • This environmental policy will be published in both inside and outside the company.

Including the Annaka factory that became the forerunner of full air conditioning plant in a semi-underground structure, Thai plant and Singapore plant, we have gotten a high reputation in the facility environment.

Strictly efforts in quality control, get the first authentication of ISO9002 in Asia machine tool industry in 1994 at the Singapore plant, Annaka in 2004 plant, Thai plant was also obtained ISO9001 in 2005.

The Annaka plant having central coolant fluid management system for machines in Constant temperature room and also silicon slaggy management system for semiconductor equipment testing in clean room.

Along with the re-use filtered processing liquid waste, such as to significantly reduce the industrial waste generated in the filtration process, we are working to reduce the environmental load.

Casting was newly formed in the Thai plant , aiming to clean foundry, it has become a dust and dust collection of gas, plant that was also friendly to sand recovery and reuse and environmental equipment.


central coolant fluid management system

(Annaka plant)


The latest environmental equipment 

(Thai plant)