Grinding machine, Semiconductor equipment, Gear and Casting only One for Total Abrasive Machine manufacturer in the    World

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Message from CEO

As a Total Abrasive Process Machine Manufacturer and  Supplier, Okamoto was established 80 years ago.  From making our first gear grinder to the next generation      manufacture technology and Semi-Conductor product   and device, we continuously strive to raise the quality   and   accuracy of our products.

40 years ago, with a global viewpoint, Okamoto started a manufacture factory in Singapore to produce the        conventional machines; later on another factory in       Thailand was built to provide casting and parts             production. Along with these manufacturing units,       other oversea Sales and Service offices were                 established.

We have earned trust from our customers all over the  world because of the reliable quality and performance   of  our machines.

In reaching to the 100 year Anniversary of our             company, Okamoto Group and employees along with all our overseas staffs determine to reach a higher level of perfor-mance for our customers.

“Innovative Technology” is our statement; quality         accuracy is a norm; the goal is to build the product to   fulfil our customer’s desire and demand.  As an unique “Total Abrasive Process Machine Manufacturer” in the   world, we will continue to challenge ourselves in the      future. And we look forward to your continuous support and guidance.

Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.

President & CEO Tsuneyuki Ishii

Company Profile
Name Okamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.
World headquarters

 [ Head Office / Annaka factory ]

 2993 Gobara,Annaka,Gunma,379-0135 JAPAN
Founded November 1926
 June 1935
 4880 million yen
President & CEO
 Tsuneyuki Ishii
Business  Manufacture and sales of grinding machine, semiconductor,        gear, casting
Affiliated companies

   Okamoto Corporation

   Okamoto Machine Tool Europe GmbH

 Okamoto (Singapore) Pte, Ltd.

 Okamoto (Thai) Co.,Ltd.