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Specialized Grinding Machine

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Specialized Grinding Machine

~The special grinder is a traditional technique

 and flexible production system

According customer request we developed various specialized grinding machine which adopted an advanced technique.

Manufactured specialized custom order machine from cast iron specific details design based on our many years experience. Lets introduce typical machine :

直動ガイド研削 超精密研削 鏡面研削 オーダーメイド研削

Linear Guide Grinding Machine DHG60Li

Developed for exclusively Linear Guide Grinding, depend on workpiece size, there are several different models.

超精密研削 といし成形 スプライン

Spline Shaft Grinding Machine CNC102

Work for long size shaft with profile form work like a spline shaft

スリット 研削 ローダー対応研削盤 超精密

CNC Slit Grinding Machine PSG63DXNC

Developed for Rotor slit grinding of vane pump.

直角研削 金型研削 超精密研削

3-surface Square up Grinding Machine SQG100

Developed for 3-surface Square up of Mold parts by one chucking.

ボール溝研削 超精密研削 ロボット対応研削

Inner Groove Grinding Machine PSG84DXNC

コルゲートロール 超精密研削 ロボット対応研削盤

Corrugate Roll Grinding Machine PSG506DXNC

Developed for grind Corrugate roller in high


内面研削 ロボット対応 量産

CNC Internal Grinding Machine IGM15NCIII-2

 with Automatic Loading system

Developed automatic Loading/Unloading 

for mass production workpiece.

円筒研削 ロボット対応研削盤 IoT 

OGM225NCIII with Automatic Loading system

Pallet type

Developed for Mass production for round 


ローダ対応研削盤 超精密研削 ロボット対応研削 金型研削

4-surface Square up Grinding Machine 

with Automatic Loading System PSG64DXNC

Un-men operation for 4-surface Square up 

Grinding for Mold parts.

自動車部品研削 ロボット対応研削 超精密研削

Creep Feed Grinding Machine CNC155DX

High Productivity profile grinding like a 

automotive parts.

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