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CNC Synchronous Gear Grinding Machine SHG-NCS series

CNC Synchronous Gear Grinding Machine

~Excellent machine series for leading gear grinding field~

歯車研削 歯車 超精密 量産 ヘリカルギア

CNC Synchronous Gear

 Grinding Machine


※Photo shown with optional accessories.

SERIES line-up



Achieve JIS 0 class for Tooth profile, Lead, Pitch error.


・Gear accuracy improve by belt drive spindle to build-in type motor with high resolution encoder (3 times than old type) and infeed motor encoder (3 times than oil type) for wheel forming.

・Pitch accuracy has been improved by relocating workspindle encoder right under spindle, also replaced encoder to more high resolution type to reduce synchronize error.

・Prevent thermal expansion, using Low expansion casting on important unit, machine construction for support high accuracy grinding.

・Automatic dress cycle is standard by wheel forming infeed axis.

Adopt Twin rotary dresser to reduce dress time and extend diamond tool life.

歯車研削 ギア 超精密研削 量産
砥石成形 歯車研削 超精密 量産 ヘリカルギア


SHG-NCS series

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