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Grinding wheel forming

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Grinding wheel forming

Grinding with formed grinding wheel.

It is often used when performing complex shapes and mass production.

NC Precision Surface Grinding Machine

砥石成形 同時2軸制御研削盤 クラウニング研削 
MachineNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine PSG64CA-iQ
Parts Nametotal type sample work
Accuracyshape accuracy:1.5μm
CompanyOkamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.

平面研削盤 同時2軸制御研削盤 砥石成形 インデックス

CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine

PSG-DXNC series

砥石成形 同時2軸制御成形研削盤 高精度 ボールねじ

CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine


砥石成形 iQ 高能率 同時2軸制御研削盤

NC Precision Surface Grinding Machine


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