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To grind and bore the face of a cylindrical workpiece.

Okamoto offers an optimum grinding machine for vertical type small size internal grinding for specialized mass production or large size workpieces that are easily aligned by the vertical type grinder.

Internal Grinding Machine

表面粗さ 真円度 鏡面研削 内面研削
MachineCNC Precision Internal Grinding Machine IGM15NCⅢ-2
Parts Nameretainer
Sizeinner diameter φ25×30mm
Accuracysurface roughness:Ra0.2μm
CompanyOkamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.

高精度 内面研削 静圧スピンドル 鏡面研削 

NC Precision Internal Grinding Machine


真円度 表面粗さ 超精密研削 鏡面研削

CNC Precision Internal Grinding Machine


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