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Polishing machine

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450mm wafer final polisher PNX1200/PNX1200S

Polishing Machine

Fully automatic final polisher for next generation

 large size 450mm wafer~

450mm wafer final polisher


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World first fully automatic final polisher for 450mm wafer


・To correspond to 450mm wafer , it adopt new concept of machine design.

Polish stage has 3 platen.1st, 2nd, 3rd platen, 6 wafers polishing simultaneously.

Best solution for reclaim wafer and TSV wafer which require the large amount of polish removal.

SPP1200S is 1 table type manual polisher.


PNX1200/PNX1200S standard specification

CMP~Chemical mechanical polishing~ SPP600S

Polishing Machine

~Manual CMP best seller for R&D with various function software

CMP machine


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User friendly design for environment and  usability.


・This equipment is manual type CMP for R&D purpose. Features user friendly operation display which, Current proses status can be checked in the one display.

・Stable date collection is possible to user primary time setting function.

The collected data can be used as mutual data for Fully automatic polisher PNX332B.

・Can Keep the wafer uniformity even though after more than 10um removal.

It features dedicated dresser unit, which can be replaced for diamond dresser as an option. Further more, the machine design is environment friendly including slurry recycle system.


SPP600S/SPP800S/SPP1000S/SPP1200S standard specification

Final polisher PNX332B

Polishing Machine

~300mm wafer fully automatic final polisher targeted for

 the extremely high level edge profile and removal uniformity 

Final polisher


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The final polisher tool features very unique polishing head and handling structure which enable high accuracy and high throughput stably.


・Best seller 300mm final polisher.

・Achieve ultra mirror and luminance surface at the atom level.

・Polish stage has 3 platen.1st, 2nd, 3rd platen, 6 wafers polishing simultaneously.

・Best solution for reclaim wafer and TSV wafer which require the large amount of polish removal.

・PNX312 is fully automatic 1 platen type polisher.


PNX332B/312 standard specification

Polishing machine SPP series 

Polishing Machine

~Super large size pitch polisher~

Super large size pitch polisher


(One of the largest domestic

 polishing machines)

Oscar type polishing machine


※Photo shown with optional accessories.



・Pitch polisher is used for the product which require angstrom level flatness and mirror surface, For example optical flat, high accuracy reflection mirror, optical glass, and master base for measurement tool.

The machines features below items to supply the best process condition  achieving extreme flatness 

・special granite for table  to keep the machine condition good for long term by reducing heat expansion and uneven shape.

・Dedicated table conditioner.

・High accuracy double column type facing unit .


World's only  high  accuracy Oscar type polisher for G10 size photo mask.

Work head which hold work rises 105degree, which enable easy replacement.

To prevent work scratch.

Polishing part is anti-rust material and dust preventing design.

Polishing table material is granite to prevent heat expansion by polishing process, which enable to prevent table flatness deviation.

Slurry is provide from both side of work edge and center of pad, which enable to prove whole surface of work stably.

Work head can be oscillated to radial direction by oscillation arm with elevating function.

This oscillation function is driven by AC servo motor, so, you can change the oscillation speed and oscillation angle and pressure during process.

Rectangle table  polisher SPH3000

Polishing Machine

~Polishing machine for coating machine nozzle~

Rectangle table  polisher


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lateral direction head movement polishing machine for long length work.


・Developed lateral direction head movement polishing machine  for T-die and slot die.

・The compact lay out area is length 5.4m×depth2.5 compared to convention round table type polisher.


SPH3000 standard specification

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