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Start-to-finish production system

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Adoption of start-to-finish production system

~ Ideal production system of OKAMOTO ~

Okamoto promotes the start-to-finish integrated production system

It is Okamoto's motto to provide high-quality and high-precision products. All casting of machine base are manufactured from wooden pattern. With group efforts, we are able to make the in-house integrated production a reality.

As always, we will continue to supply superb products.


Wooden Pattern Factory

Casting is an important element for machine tool; wooden pattern is essential for castings. Okamoto design the wooden pattern in house to produce rock-solid castings.

There is strong point to make Grinder with rigid frame.


Casting Factory

Okamoto manufacturing products from cast iron. It enables to improve quality, cost reduction and shorter lead time.

It is possible to respond the bases of customers demand. 


Action for cost reduction

The pursuit of cost-down and in-house production has been in practice. All factory including overseas have machining facilities.



 painting system

In order to achieve the labor saving, we have adopted the automatic painting system using automatic conveyor to paint parts.




A scraping process to reduce the resistance of the slideway surface is essential to the long term peak precision of a surface grinder. We inherit the unique scraping technique and pass on to the next generation.


Machine tool building

 80 years skill

Involve scraping process in expert technique covering for the part that cannot be done by the latest technology.


Experienced Sales Team

Okamoto sales office in domestic nine, outside the country 13 places. Every sales place suggest a suitable machine to meet customer demand.


Grinding process team

The customer would like to have special grinding component, our grinding process team help and support. Please Experience the quality of Okamoto' grinding machine.


Top Notch Factory

Annaka Factory is in a fully air-conditioning, dust and earthquake resistance semi underground facility. Enable to do the precise machining and assembly, constant temperature and clean room are set up. It’s ideal for ultra-precision grinding machine assembly.




We build machines basically by order, has adopted a parts management system by just-in-time method.


High-precision measurement


The inspection room have ZYGO and ZEISS instrument. They perform actual grinding, and confirm the guality.



 follow up system

Okamoto posts serviceman in the whole world. Every day we  do training to learn un-known technique for related with machine maintenance and periodic inspection.



 with the Customers

We have participated from the large-scale exhibitions such as JIMTOF, Semicon as well as small exhibitions. It is to catch the needs of our customers and strive to further improve the product quality.