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Slicing machine ASM420M / ASM200BR

External Internal Blade Type Slicing Machine

High accuracy Outside external/Internal blade slicer

 with high rigid spindle and high power motor~

Multi Slicer


300mm Internal blade slicer


※Photo shown with optional accessories.

SERIES line-up



Since we developed first slicer in Japan for brittle material and germanium in 1950's, We have released various type of slicer according to customer requirement.


・Internal blade slicer has various size variation  according to the work size.

High accuracy like straightness of cutting feed guide face and spindle round accuracy is achieved based on the technology by long term machine tool experience.

・Multi slicer ASM420M 

Achieved high efficient slicing by combination of High rigid spindle and high power motor.

Adopt integral structure of wheel head and column., which enable high rigid and stable accuracy.

Main spindle motor adopts 5.5kw high-power type as standard, which bear the high intensity multi wheel cutting.


ASM75A・ASM100A・ASM200B・ASM200BR ・ASM420M standard specification

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