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Three processing themes and collaboration

 with accessories or device maker

"High efficiency grinding," "on-machine measurement

 and automatic compensation grinding," "universal grinding"


It achieves high efficiency by increasing grinding removal amount per time in order to increase absolute amount of work. It aims to relative high efficiency production that do comparable job with less energy. Revolutionary progress has pulled out a synergistic effect of many times in collaboration with accessories and device manufacturers not only machine performance and functionality. It will change common sense of the conventional grinding greatly as the lead company in the field.

研削革命 100μm切込み キュービトロン BIX

   CNC Dobule Column Type Surface Grinder 

High efficiency grinding by coarse grinding

 100μm per time in PSG208CH-iQ

Offer for high-efficiency grinding process (Heavy Duty Cut & High Speed reciprocation) 

By the collaboration of high-efficiency grinding of three elements [Higher Rigidity machine], [Effective cutting fluid] and [Sharp grinding wheel] it proposed that the infeed amount about 10 times that ordinary infeed.

July 2015 private show was held at Annaka factory [OPENHOUSE 2015], it was to demonstrate coarse infeed amount 100μm per time using PSG208CHiQ.The common sense of the past 10 ~ 20μm, has enabled the depth of cut of overwhelming 5 to 10 times the roughing 100μm. Also it has achieved a phenomenal figure of removal rate of 95%.

平面研削盤 円筒研削盤 研削革命 BIX

Target model list

※The Value will be change by Grinding Mode, Environment, Workpiece & Specificas.

3 elements of a high-efficiency grinding

The 100μm infeed is equivalent to about 10 times of ordinary process It was achieved by drawing a synergistic effect of many times in collaboration with accessories and device manufacturer not only machine performance and functionality.Heavy duty grinding with High-efficiency process is using the three elements, [Higher Rigidity machine], [Effective cutting fluid] and [Sharp grinding wheel] it contains the processing knowledge that we have cultivated long.

研削革命 高剛性研削盤 高能率研削 キュービトロン

High Rigid Machine

The machine achieve

 High Efficiency Grinding process.

The high rigidity design with increased loop rigidity of the processing point,will not only achieve high-efficiency grinding, but will also deliver accuracy and efficiency of high-precision grinding.

BIX ビックス 研削革命 超精密

Effective cutting fluid

Supply of fine bubble GRIND-BIX

 grinding fluid.

By using the GRIND-BIX fine-bubble generator, clogging of the grinding wheel is significantly reduced and the coolant is far more effective.               

研削革命 BIX 高能率研削 超精密

Sharp Grinding Wheel

Cubitron II Ceramic type

 Grinding wheel.

Abrasive grains are baked in a thin plate as a triangle. This achieves deeper cuts and less wear. Which equates to a high-efficiency wheel type.             

High efficiency grinding depends on the material, processing environment and type of grinding wheel.Prepare your best and various suggestion according to your process requirement. Please contact your local sales office.

岡本工作機械製作所 営業所 研削革命 キュービトロン


Proposition for on-machine measurement and automatic compensation process.

Internal and Cylindrical grinding field use inprocess or post process system especially mass production , however Surface or Profile grinding field still depend on skilled worker.

Error factor caused by repeated cleaning, disassembly, and heat transformation during the time of measurement.

If available, to suggest for build-in measurement device to carry out the measuring process after completed automatic cycle, and proceed to compensation cycle if oversized. This will improve productivity and eliminate measurement error and re-setup workpiece for the compensation process.

機上測定自動補正 CCDカメラ タッチプローブ 測定器
研削革命 超精密成形研削盤 測定器 CCDカメラ タッチプローブ

Target model list

※The Value will be change by Grinding Mode, Environment, Workpiece & Specificas

Correspond to various type of Grinding process

研削革命 ならい研削 超精密 キュービトロン

Crowning Grinding /

Taper Grinding

Vertical infeed CNC interpolation with Table longitudinal for crowning (free curve) or taper grinding. Also ball screw drive and linear motor drive are offered to achieve high-speed and ultra-precision.  

研削革命 高能率研削 キュービトロン BIX

Multi Position Grinding

The use of step grinding or pitch grinding for multiple size workpieces can be set up in one cycle. In addition, plunge shift is also available for high productivity.

研削革命 高能率研削 キュービトロン BIX

High Speed / Slow Speed

(creep feed) grinding

Table longitudinal speed can be set continuously (Max. 40m/min.) correspond from Creepfeed to high speed fine infeed process.

超精密成形研削盤 UPZ 研削革命 測定器

精密平面研削盤 研削革命 測定器 タッチプローブ

We will advice the various process and mesurment method from our abundant experience.

Please contact nearest our sales office.

岡本工作機械製作所 営業所 研削革命 キュービトロン

研削革命 超精密成形研削盤UPZ210LiⅡ

Offer to have Cylindrical Grinding/Internal Grinding/Face Grinding by one chuck set up

Machine can achieve high level of Geometric tolerance demand with one chuck set up in full auto process for Cylindrical Grinding/Internal Grinding/Face Grinding.

In JIMTOF2014, Okamoto has shown their Turret Type Universal Grinder UGM-360NC.

The UGM series combines a plain approach OD Spindle, angle approach OD spindle and an internal spindle on a single Turret Base enable multiple cylindrical, face and internal grinding process. By installing the option of direct sizing device, it can perform the measurement and correction processing in the automatic cycle.

In addition to grinding of heavy work piece, now we offer UGM-5V a vertical internal grinding machines. We have achieved a high degree of accuracy of the cylindrical grinding.

研削革命 複合研削 UGM シギヤ
研削革命 複合研削 UGM 超精密

Target model list

研削革命 複合研削 太陽工機 円筒研削盤

研削革命 複合研削 UGM360NC 円筒研削盤

We will propose composite grinding suitable for the

 workpiece from abundant application results.

Please contact your local sales office.

岡本工作機械製作所 営業所 研削革命 キュービトロン

研削革命 精密複合研削盤UGM360NC研削革命 精密複合研削盤UGM5V