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Mirror surface

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Mirror surface

The mirror surface finished is achieved by using fine abrasive grains in nano-order process.

Polishing Machine

MachinePolishing Machine SPH2500
Parts Nameslot die
Surface roughnessRa0.0089μm
CompanyOkamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.
ポリッシュ Tダイ 鏡面 超精密

Ultra Precision Grinding Machine (Variable hydrostatic slide system)

岡本工作機械製作所 Tダイ 鏡面 超精密
MachineCNC Ultra Precision Grinding Machine UPG406NC
Parts NameT die
Surface roughnessRa0.0137μm
CompanyOkamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.

平面研削盤 UPG 超精密 静圧

CNC Ultra Precision Grinding Machine

UPG series

平面研削盤 リニアモータ駆動

CNC Double Column Type Surface Grinding Machine

PSG-CHLi series

Precision Surface Grinding Macvhine (Variable hydrostatic slide system)

MachineNC Precision Surface Grinding Macvhine PSG106CA-iQ
Parts Namemirror surface test work


Surface roughnessRa0.012μm
CompanyOkamoto Machine Tool Works,Ltd.
平面研削盤 鏡面研削 静圧

CNC Ultra Precision Grinding Machine

UPG series

平面研削盤 PSG iQ 鏡面研削 使いやすい

NC Precision Surface Grinding Macvhine

PSG-CA-iQ series

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